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[Special Feature] PHARMA/COSME PACK

Specially featured with strong requests from the pharmaceutical/cosmetics industry!

Gathering all the packaging materials and packaging machines.

This is a B-to-B trade show for pharmaceutical/cosmetics industry.

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Exhibitors ●Press through packaging machines ●Various packaging machines(Blister, Vacuum, Pillow, Shrink, etc.) ●Containers
(Glass, Plastic, Pouch, Metal, etc.) ●OEM(Packaging, Package printing, Package construction, etc.)●Labels/Seal, etc.
 Business ◆Introduction of products/technologies ◆Technical consultation ◆Consultations on - specifications - quote - delivery period Visitors ●Pharmaceutical Manufacturers ●Cosmetics Manufacturers ●Health Food Manufacturers (from facility/equipment,maintenance, engineering,manufacturing, quality control/ assurance department) ●Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturers/ Engineering Companies …etc.

◆ Exhibit Profile

[ Packaging machines ]

  • Press through packaging machines
  • Various packaging machines (Blister, Vacuum, Pillow, Shrink, etc.)
  • Fillers (Liquid, Viscous body, Powder, Grain, etc.)
  • Tablet counting fillers
  • Capsule fillers
  • Dispensers
  • Sheet-counting system
  • Bloom stamping machines
  • Baling machines
  • Forming machines
  • Labelers/Sealers
  • Taping machines, etc.

[ Packaging materials, Containers ]

  • Films, Sheets
  • Desiccants
  • Inks, Colourants
  • Adhesives
  • Syringes, Ampoules, Vials
  • Containers (Glass, Plastic, Pouch, Metal, etc.)
  • Packages, Package printing
  • Special printing/Value-added printing
  • OEM (Packaging, Package printing, Package construction, etc.)
  • Labels/Seal, etc.


◆ Merit of Exhibiting

1. You can make proposals for packaging departments with quality/quantity problems.

This zone offers the best opportunity for you to make direct proposals for professionals in the pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufacturing field who have quality/quantity problems with packaging.

2. You can receive contract from pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufactures for packaging.

You will be able to receive contract/OEM orders from pharmaceutical/cosmetics manufactures for their product packaging.

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